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Jul 22 13 4:22 PM

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Hey guys, Here's a first look at our game story...
 It's about a small town in the American west which is near a prison. The prisoners are under secret experiments by the government (No need to tell what kind of experiments).
As the experiments developed, the results were unexpected and the government decided to cancel the project. As always it was too late. Months later, an outbreak happened in the prison and some infected prisoners were out.
So the government decided to take no chances and ordered to execute everyone immediately. as the marines (or any kind of other special forces) started to kill the infected prisoners, they started to turn into zombies after a while of death and started attacking the marines and so on. The government then decided to make a quarantine on the prison and the surrounding area, which also includes the small town mentioned above.

As the time passed, the disease spreaded fast and reached the town so the situation was out of control. but that wasn't it, The disease continued to spread further and further. and that's where our story starts.
Our hero, which I think we should name "Michel", has just moved to a near small town for work. and as everything starts, he looks for a way out of this mess to survive and get back to his family. 

So, what do you guys think?

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Jul 23 13 2:14 AM

Story is great, but let's work out the details. I find it important to fill all of those points you left blank, like: "(No need to tell what kind of experiments)"

How about being a experiment conduced by a private corporation in cooperation with the military, which implants a genetically engineered species of fungus in the frontal lobe of the inmates, with the intention of restrain violent impulses. As the experiment is of a brutal nature, they decided to test secretly in death sentenced inmates, which takes us to the location, As it will happen in the USA, I believe that only in some states the death penalty is applied, We could chose from those states the best location to develop the story. Our american fellas could help us here.

Ps. Edited the main post a bit, it seems it was pasted twice ; )

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Jul 24 13 3:31 AM

This sounds great, but the more complicated the story are, the more the game will focus on it and the harder our job will be. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, just like L4D. Although the story in L4D was liner and there's hardly any background story on either the game itself or the charterers, it was a great and fun game, which received some high reviews ratings. Anyway if the team feel we can make a game which is also story driven, why not?

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