Jul 14 13 7:04 PM

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Hello there and welcome to Orbit Studio's Dev Forum.
To keep everything polite and in order here we decided to set up here some rules to be followed while in this forums. Please read carefully, note that the non-compliance to these rules may lead to gags and permanent bans.

  • Respect your teammates
  • Avoid cursing and insults of any kinds, we're among friends here.
  • No spam
  • Keep the threads on-topic and post them in their correct and respective forums.
  • Any artwork produced by you, or any of your teammates shall not be redistributed or publicised anywhere, unless you have permission to do so.
  •  Do not share any kind of information such as spoilers about the game anywhere.

We'll possibly update it with more rules if needed.

 We also have some recommendations, those are not mandatory. image
  • Edit your profile and add info such as your function, website and stuff.
  • Add an avatar, it makes it easier to recognise you.
  • Avoid double posts if you can edit your previous post.
  • Have fun

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